Thursday, November 16, 2017

infamy review and release blitz, L.P. Maxa

I LOVED this book! I loved all the Devil's Share books and I thought no one could match Dash for me but Brody... he had my heart from the word go!

I loved everything about this book, and did I mention how perfect Brody is? Because he is.

I also loved his band mates, especially Talon and would LOVE to see more from him.

I love the sense of family you get from these books as well as all the feels!

A truly awesome addition! 📖📖📖📖📖


Infamy by LP Maxa is LIVE!!

Everyone needs to read this book, hell, you need this series! Grab it now!!

Each book can be read as a standalone, but why wouldn't you want allll the hotness that comes wirh this series. LP's RiffRaff Records series is a spin off of her Devil's Share series.  Get it now!



Landry Cole's life began when she was nine. Until then the day-to-day turmoil of her early childhood was the stuff of nightmares. Her father, his wife, and all her aunts and uncles showed Landry unconditional love, and under their care, she bloomed. But she never forgot. Fast forward to the fifth year of her surgical residency, and from the outside, Landry's got it going on. Inside, loneliness and betrayal color her life until she meets the outrageous and daring Clashing Swell drummer, Brody Frost.


Brody's life was golden. He surfed every morning, his band, Clashing Swell, had just signed with RiffRaff records, and he was free from emotional attachments. Until he met Landry Cole. To say she took his breath away was an understatement. But she was a princess to rock royalty, and Brody was no one from no where. Sure, the tour the band was about to undertake would change all that, but he wanted Landry now. When she told him they were short term, she wasn't going to be a tour widow, he thought he'd take whatever she would give him. Little did he know she was about to give him everything.

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