Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Legacy RiffRaff records book 2, L.P. Maxa

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LEGACY, Book 2 in the RiffRaff Records Series, by Author LP Maxa releases on August 15th!!  
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Children of famous rock band, The Devil's Share, Beau Cole and Halen Connor have known and loved each other all their lives. There was no one Beau wanted to be with more than Halen, no one who would ever have his heart. 

Four years older than his girl, Beau had vowed to keep their status as best friends until Halen was eighteen. But at sixteen Halen, beautiful, willful, stubborn Halen wanted more, and Beau has never been able to deny Halen anything. And that was his mistake. He knew better, and she deserved better, so he left, trampling both their hearts to dust. 

Now, two years later, Beau must return home, and seeing Halen was either going to kill him or save his life.

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