Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fallen Crest Forever comment

I considered posting this to Tijan's reader group, but I thought I would post it here instead.
I was a member of the Fallen Crest Forever discussion group. I left it. As a reader, who is also a writer, I couldn't take some of the comments being posted. As a human I couldn't either.
I know a lot of people have been invested in this series for a long time. I am one of them. But that does not mean it gives me the right to complain about what happened in the book. Don't worry I won't give spoilers. As a writer, we can't please everyone. As a human we can't please everyone. The best we can do is stay true to ourselves. This is what Tijan did, I believe. She had to. The expectations for this book would have been immense. I can only imagine the pressure she could've felt. The finished product, I believe, was true to the story and true to Tijan herself, at least I hope it was. Sure, there were things I wished were in the book, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go on Facebook and bitch about it. No, I'm going to sit back and take the book for what it is, a work of someone else's imagination. Of someone else's characters. We do not own these characters. I do not own these characters, no matter how long we've known them. Tijan does. I believe she was true to them, and to the larger story. I was in no means disappointed by Fallen Crest Forever. I don't believe there was anything missing. Some of the things I have seen people complaining about are inconsequential. They're noise. Why worry about little things? We know Nate and Heather are getting their own books, so chill about them. I'm sure a heap of unanswered questions will be answered in those books. Hopefully. But if they're not they're not. It's Tijan's story.
For me, personally, Fallen Crest Forever was the perfect ending and I was incredibly satisfied with what happened. Yes, I'm sad to say goodbye to the series, but there is always rereading!

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