Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ginger Scott guest post.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Baseball Is The Most Romantic Sport:

Here’s the thing about baseball. I bet I could walk the streets, especially in places like Boston and Chicago, and ask any random hundred people, men and women, what the most romantic sport is, and I can almost guarantee you baseball comes out on top. I have a lot of theories on this, but I’m going to boil it down to my favorite five. For me…these are the reasons why my heart melts every spring and I beg for winter to be over. 

1. Robert Redford. Let me expand on this. Robert Redford is one of those icons that just makes people flat-out fall. I was a kid when I first saw The Natural. I wasn’t all about the boys yet—they still had cooties—but when I watched Roy Hobbs knock the cover off the ball all because he saw the woman in white in the stands with a glow of sunshine behind her, my heart picked up a step. There was something about the way he wore the hat, the way he fought to come back, his love of the game. It was infectious, even though fictional. That story, and because I read the book I can say this—Robert Redford more so—hits right at the oooey gooey center of what makes that sport the epitome of romance. Man or woman—you watch that red-headed swoony gent swing a bat with that music blaring behind him and you’re going to get goosebumps. If you don’t, I’m insisting you get checked out. 
2. We all love a good Western. Huh? Hear me out. There’s something sexy about a duel. While baseball is ultimately a team sport, it is also filled with individual moments—rivalries between teams, between players, between a man and his demons. The best example is the battle between pitcher and batter. There’s the slow build of tension while the pitcher thinks, his hand working the ball behind his back, deciding the precise weapon that will strike his opponent down. The batter digs in, his muscles poised and anxious like a bull ready to charge at fresh meat. Only one can win. And when it’s down to the wire, it can either break your heart or set you free. A walk-off. A perfect game. A stolen homerun for the win. Extra innings. A comeback. All duels fought between men, and it comes down to who wants it more. 
3. Fenway. Now I know we all have our allegiances. Me, I’m a Dbacks and Cubbies girl (I married a Chicago boy; it’s in the vows) but whether you’re a Yankee’s fan or not, whether you believe in curses, love or hate the Red Sox, there is something undeniable that happens the moment you step inside Fenway. I’ve been to a lot of stadiums, and I can find romance in most of them. But Fenway…it should come with a warning: “May cause permanent goosebumps and break your heart, ruining it for all other fields forever.” This park is set in a storybook, with sunsets in the backdrop that rival Hollywood created ones and stars that sparkle beyond skylines and a Hancock sign. And then there’s that little thing that happens there in the middle of the 8th inning. Go on – you know you want to know what it is – watch it here:
4. The uniform. It really is the best uniform in all of sports. There are no pads to hide behind, and it’s not bare-chests and abs…it’s the seduction of knowing that something is underneath it all filling out that poly-blend in a way only fine-tuned muscles, a thousand pitches, 420-foot home runs and a month of spring training can. Now shade the eyes with a hat, and I’m sunk. 
5. Bryce Harper. All I’m going to say is google the ESPN body issue if you haven’t seen it. 

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