Saturday, December 30, 2017

Books of 2017.

So this is my list of books I really enjoyed this year. Some of them were released last year but I read them this year, so they're going on this list! 😂😂😂

6 Star.

Nevernight, Jay Kristoff - holy Mia!
The Silver Swan, Amo Jones - mature YA at its best.
Beautiful Torment, Gen Ryan - the perfect end to the series.

5 star.

A Court of Wings and Ruin, Sarah J. Maas - Rhysand 😍😍
Reminding Avery, Kaylee Ryan - the perfect then and now story
Fallen Crest Forever, Tijan - again, the perfect end to the series.
The Royals, Erin Watt - get ruined.
The Goal, Elle Kennedy - Dean Hayworth DiLaurentis.
Pinky Promise, HJ Bellus - great childhood friends to lovers
Goodbye Paradise, Sarina Bowen - mm cult story, SO sweet!
Frostblood, Elly Blake - a great fantasy story!

Surprising reads.

Man Hands, Sarina Bowen and Tania Eby.

So that's my top reads. I've got a few ARCs lined up already, and crossing my fingers for a few more!
I love reading, and I've found a few books this year that have totally taken me. I've got a packed publishing schedule next year and I can't wait for you all to read my boys stories!

Thanks so much for reading along with me, happy new year, and here's to a great 2018!

Wild Hearts cover reveal, Lindsay Detwiler

Title: Wild Hearts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 10, 2018
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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This sexy cowboy is out of his element. He doesn’t want commitment, but Jodie Ellison is a force of nature who can’t be ignored.

Jodie Ellison loves wild parties, chaotic fun, and spontaneity in her hometown of Ocean City, Maryland. With her writing career and waitressing job not quite paying the bills, Jodie desperately needs a new roommate and finds herself in a nightmarish situation when her roomie turns out to be a disastrous choice.

The wild and unruly Levi Creed is a little bit rebel and a whole lot of sexy. When he moves in next door to Jodie, things get a bit tumultuous thanks to a squawking parrot and a dangerous fire pit. It seems like Levi’s adorable Texan drawl and perfect body can’t possibly win over Jodie… or can they?

An undeniable chemistry simmers between the unlikely pair. The beach babe and the sexy cowboy soon find themselves asking: Can they tame their wild hearts and commit to the blossoming romance between them?
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 Book 1 is on sale for 99c! 
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A high school English teacher, an author, and a fan of anything pink and/or glittery, Lindsay's the English teacher cliché; she love cats, reading, Shakespeare, and Poe.

She currently lives in her hometown with her husband, Chad (her junior high sweetheart); their cats, Arya, Amelia, Alice, and Bob; and their Mastiff, Henry.

Lindsay's goal with her writing is to show the power of love and the beauty of life while also instilling a true sense of realism in her work. Some reviewers have noted that her books are not the “typical romance.” With her novels coming from a place of honesty, Lindsay examines the difficult questions, looks at the tough emotions, and paints the pictures that are sometimes difficult to look at. She wants her fiction to resonate with readers as realistic, poetic, and powerful. Lindsay wants women readers to be able to say, “I see myself in that novel.” She wants to speak to the modern woman’s experience while also bringing a twist of something new and exciting. Her aim is for readers to say, “That could happen,” or “I feel like the characters are real.” That’s how she knows she's done her job.

Lindsay's hope is that by becoming a published author, she can inspire some of her students and other aspiring writers to pursue their own passions. She wants them to see that any dream can be attained and publishing a novel isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

The SIn Bin sale, Dahlia Donovan

"I give this book five out of five stars - relationships full of laughter, care and honesty, plus the odd Monty Python reference or Jedi joke!" #review #mmromance
⋆⋆ 99c Series Sale! ⋆⋆
Check out Dahlia Donovan's bestselling Sin Bin series while book 1 & 2 are on sale.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mute cover reveal, ML Nystrom


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Title: Mute
Author: ML Nystrom
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2018
Cover Designer: Claire Smith


Katrina Vega is set on one thing: finishing college. She’s determined not to let anything or anyone distract her, especially not hot brooding bikers. On her mission to stay focused, she doesn’t expect to be pulled into the fold of a motorcycle club, let alone into the arms of Alec "Mute" Stillwater.

Unable to keep her guard up, Katrina soon discovers that beneath the hard and rough exterior of a family she’s grown to care for, there’s also loyalty and passion she’s envious of. But falling for the club’s enforcer will not only threaten her plans but quite possibly her life.

I've had stories in my head since I was a child.  All sorts of stories of fantasy, romance, mystery and anything else that captured my interest.  I'm a voracious reader, and have spent many hours in my life devouring books, therefore it's only fitting I should write a few myself!  

I've spent most of my life as a performing musician and band instrument repair technician, but that doesn't mean I'm pigeon-holed into one mold.  I've been a university professor, belly dancer, craftsperson, soap maker, singer, rock band artist, jewelry maker, lifeguard, swim coach, and whatever else I feel like exploring.  As one of my students said to me once, "Life's too short to ignore the opportunities."   I have no intention of ever stopping so welcome to my story world.  I hope you enjoy it!

The BUnny and the Billionaire audio release, Louisa masters

Title: The Bunny and The Billionaire
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Hardworking Australian nurse Ben Adams inherits a substantial sum and decides to tour Europe. In Monaco, the home of glamour and the idle rich, he meets French billionaire playboy Léo Artois. After getting off on the wrong foot—as happens when one accuses a stranger of being part of the Albanian mafia—their attraction blazes. Léo, born to the top tier of society, has never known limits, and Ben, used to budgeting every cent, finds it difficult to adjust to not only Léo's world, but also the changes wealth brings to his own life.

As they make allowances for each other's foibles, Ben gradually appreciates the finer things, and Léo widens his perspective. They both know one thing: this is not a typical holiday romance, and they're not ready to say goodbye.
From Ben and Léo’s first “official” date, the day after they meet:

“Let’s eat here,” he said quickly. “I haven’t tried the restaurant yet, but I saw the menu and it looks good.”
Léo smiled in a way that made Ben’s stomach feel funny, and in short order they were at the mostly open-air restaurant on the roof level, greeted effusively by a man who seated them at what Ben was sure was the best table in the place, shaded yet with an uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean.
If he hadn’t been so stupidly nervous, Ben would have soaked it up.
The maître d’hôtel left them, replaced by an eager waiter who asked what they wanted to drink. Léo shot Ben a wicked glance, his lips curving, and Ben’s face went hot.
“Sparkling water,” Léo told the waiter. “Then perhaps wine later.” The man left, and Ben smiled gratefully at Léo.
“Thank you,” he said. “And thank you for being so good about last night. I know I made a bit of a fool of myself.”
“Not at all,” Léo said gallantly. “You were charming.”
Ben laughed outright. “I wouldn’t have called it that, but hey, your description sounds better than mine. Anyway, I drank too much of that incredible champagne, and you were really nice. So thanks.”
Léo’s expression was warm and approving. “I’m glad you enjoyed the champagne, and it was my pleasure to spend the evening with you. We would not be here now otherwise.”
Ben’s face went hot again, and he buried it in his menu. He felt awkward, even more than usual, and desperately wanted the loosening effects of alcohol. Maybe he should have ordered a drink, after all, but he didn’t want Léo to think he was a lush.
Come on, Ben. You don’t need alcohol to talk to the billionaire playboy son of a princess.

Louisa Masters started reading romance much earlier than her mother thought she should. While other teenagers were sneaking out of the house, Louisa was sneaking romance novels in and working out how to read them without being discovered. She’s spent most of her life feeling sorry for people who don’t read, convinced that books are the solution to every problem. As an adult, she feeds her addiction in every spare second, only occasionally tearing herself away to do things like answer the phone and pay bills. She spent years trying to build a “sensible” career, working in bookstores, recruitment, resource management, administration, and as a travel agent, before finally conceding defeat and devoting herself to the world of romance novels.

Louisa has a long list of places first discovered in books that she wants to visit, and every so often she overcomes her loathing of jet lag and takes a trip that charges her imagination. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she whines about the weather for most of the year while secretly admitting she’ll probably never move.
Enter to win one of two prize packs to celebrate the audio release of The Bunny and The Billionaire! Complete the following entry form:

Following the theme of The Bunny and The Billionaire, win these nifty travel soaps - one French, for Leo, and one Australian, for Ben - and a mini champagne bottle full of M&Ms.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Conquest, Justine Littleton, release blitz

"I laughed and I sobbed and I devoured each and every word." ~ Goodreads
Book: Conquest
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Horsemen Series #2
 Here’s the problem with myths and legends; they're fiction. At one time, they may have been stories of real people, but over the ages, the story was passed from person to person, so what was once fact, becomes the written fables of those long ago. 

This is the true story of Conquest and the five horsemen.

Nicolette “Lettie” Osmond made her dying mother a vow: She would find a way to escape with her brother from the oppressive control of her father and The Order of Decay. Eight years later Lettie finally finds the resources and opportunity, but it means putting her faith in the one group of individuals she has been told since birth to never trust.

Connor “Conquest” Apocalos will do anything to protect his new sister and the happiness Dean has found—even kill his own brother if it comes to it. Hunting for Kayne and running Horsemen Hedge Funds, Connor hires an assistant, never expecting to find the one person fated for him.

Conquest must learn to woo a young woman without his power and is failing spectacularly, but will he still want her when he discovers the truth about Lettie and her connections?
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99c SALE

I wear many hats in the book world, but my newest is author. I juggle writing with being a wife, and mother to a family of six, working for Hot Tree Publishing as submissions coordinator, pre-edit beta reading for Hot Tree Editing, and of course, I still admin for Bex 'n' Books' book blog. 

Geez, I'm tired just typing all that, but I wouldn't trade a single moment. Not even for all the Chinese food and cheesecake in the universe.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Complicated Relationships blog tour, Amy K McClung

 Amy K. McClung
Title: Complicated Relationships
Series: Southern Devotion, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 2, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Designer: Claire Smith

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Tristan Jacob’s life is full of complicated relationships. Having been hurt by love and loss, and with his focus on taking care of his younger sister, Macy, for the past five years, it was safer to put his romantic life on hold.

But he's finally ready to find the girl of his dreams.

When an auburn-haired beauty captures his attention, Tristan doesn't realize she has a connection to the woman who broke his heart. Will he get his happily ever after? Or will the complications prove to be too difficult to overcome?

My eyes focused on her. The way her hips swayed back and forth hypnotized me. Her dance partner moved his hand down her sides and began to lift her dress up her thighs. Anger boiled inside me; I was ready to pounce. For anyone else, I’d be flagging down our bouncer to get rid of the guy, but I wanted to rescue her myself. I strapped on my metaphorical superhero cape, and as I approached—to save the day—I noticed she had not only pushed his hands away but punched him in the nose as well. She turned red when she spotted me, and I raised my hand up. “High-five.” She smacked my hand. “It’s hard to believe you complain about jerks. Looks like you can take care of yourself pretty well.”
“I have three older brothers who taught me how.” She pushed passed me, reclaiming her seat at the bar. “Can I get another of those beers?”
“Sure. And if you tell me about the other two guys, it’s on me.”
“Deal,” she agreed. After I had popped the top on the beer, she took a long pull and then began her story. “Guy number three thought he was all that and a bag of chips. He was nothing but crumbs if you ask me. He took me to a strip club. I’m open-minded and all, but a first date… at a strip club?” 
“Ouch. I agree. There should be a warning and intimacy already present. What kind of perverted weirdo was he?”
“See, told you I know how to pick them. Last, but not least, the date from the night I met you. We had a great time. He’s charming, sophisticated, well-mannered, all around great guy.”
“I’m not getting a problem with him,” I said, thoroughly confused.
“There was no problem. Until he reached out to touch my hand on the table, and a wedding ring circled his finger.”
“That was my reaction!” she exclaimed with annoyance. “He told me his wife cared more about the kids than him these days, and it was practically a dead marriage.”
“What was your response?”
“I told him to call me when he found a woman to believe that line.” She took another swig from her beer bottle. “I’m done dating for a while. I’ll find something else to occupy my time.” And my bubble burst with those words. Maybe I could change her mind about dating?
“How’d you end up here the other night? Is this where you met?”
“No. A friend of mine told me about this club, and I’d wanted to check it out. Ending the date abruptly offered the perfect opportunity.” Peering up at me, she added, “The night definitely ended better than it began.”
“Tristan!” Marcus yelled from behind me. When I turned, he waved his hands to show the fullness of the crowd in front of the bar.
“Shit! I’ll be back.” I sprinted across the bar to take orders. Normally someone can shout something at me, and I can get it easily. With Melanie clouding my thoughts, I wrote everything down with descriptions of who ordered it. Gorbachev: Bud Light beer. Barney: a shot of whiskey. Ginger: Jägerbomb. Fake boobs: cosmo. Mullet: MGD. With five orders written down, I stopped to get them ready before taking five more and repeated this until the bar was clear. Turning to Marcus, I said, “Sorry, man. I was distracted.”
“I noticed. She’s hot, by the way. I’d be distracted too. Sorry you missed out on talking to her.” 
“Oh no, she’s….” I started to say as I turned toward her. Her seat held a large, hairy, redneck-looking man. I cursed at missing a chance to ask her out. My relief bartender for the night, Xander, walked toward me from where I’d left her.
“The hottie at the bar paid her tab, then gave me this for you.” He handed me a twenty-dollar tip wrapped around a business card. “She suggested you give her a call and she’d finish telling you a story.”

 Available now! 
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Other Books in the Southern Devotion Series

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Book 2

Amy McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls and occasionally suffers from middle-child syndrome. She met the love of her life online in August of 2004, on his birthday of all days, and married him in September 2005.

Currently they have no human children, only the room full of colorful robots that transform into vehicles and the large headed Pop Funkos who represent their favorite characters. Collecting movies, shot glasses, Pop Funkos, and dust bunnies are some of her favorite pastimes.

Amy began writing in September of 2011 and independently published her first YA novel, Cascades of Moonlight, Book one of the Parker Harris series the following May. Her first book was a means of therapy for her, enabling her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life.

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