Saturday, December 10, 2016

Series v standalone

this is something gthat has bugged me for a while, series v standalone. This is also going to be a little ironic seeing as though I'm writing a series of stanadalones (No Place to Hide, Rocking Racers book 2 will be out March 11).

Anyway, I feel, and I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me, that if you're writing a series of standalones, using characters featured in other books, you owe it to your readers to give them context. If you mention a past character, tell us who they are, how they relate. If you're talking about an event, tell us why it's important. They must have a reason for their inclusion so tell us, don't make us guess or assume we've read the earlier books, we may well haven't.

To be honest I don't think you can truly have a series of standalones. In one way or another they'll all be connected, at least they should be, otherwise it isn't a series so much as a collection of books about random people.

It is one thing I worry about and spent quite a lot of time trying to ensure didn't happen in No Place to Hide. For whatever reason, you may not have come across me before so I don't want you to think you're missing out, or wondering what the hell happened previously. The same goes for me as a reader. I may have come across your series before, please don't make me pay for that. I apologise but I'd like to think I'm making up for it by reading your book now!

In the reading for this blog I've come across this problem quite often. I'm fairly new to the world of romance books, only really getting into it in the past year or so, so I haven't read a lot. That's not to say I haven't read a lot of books, I have,  it you check out the numbers of books released each week and see what I mean.

So what I am asking authors is to please take this into consideration. It does bring down the tone of a book if I spend a considerable amount of time wondering what the hell has happened or why things are the way they are. So please, help a sister out?

Love Megan.

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