Monday, August 1, 2016

What I need, a rocking racers update.

Okay, so I'm still writing Where you'd rather be, despite planning to have it done by now. In my defence I was sick for a bit during that time so I think I'm excused. I'm pushing my deadline back to the end of this month. But lately it's been going okay. I've made no bones about the fact this book has been hard for me to write. I thought I had a good idea of who Cole and Knley were going in but at every turn they've surprised me, so I'm rolling with it. It has meant though, that at several points I've had to sit back and ask what do I want? Where do I want this to go? What do I think needs to be shown? I never had to do that with Breaking the Cycle, it just came. So this really is cultivated by me, I just hope it's good!

I've also started writing book 3, Mav's book. It's in the very, very early stages but I've got something down on paper. Initially I started it because Cole and Knley weren't cooperating. Lo and behold, the second I ignored them they popped up again. If they decide to go away again at least I know what to do now! I'm really excited about Mav's book. He's not my favourite Ryan, in fact he was always supposed to be a fringe character but he started talking and hasn't really shut up. I think I identify with Mav in a lot of ways so maybe that's why I'm excited. The setting has also changed, from Booker, a fictional town, to the Gold Coast, where I'm based and my home for my entire life, save for a 6 month stint in Melbourne. Mav, more so than Cole and Knley is surprising the hell out of me and I think I'm falling in love a little. Reed was always the one I wanted to marry but Mav might be giving him a fight for his money.

But anyway, I wanted to tell you what I've else I've learned while I've been writing, or trying to write, or not writing.

I learned that inspiration is a great thing. I know it may sound simple to you, but it's really not. I didn't know how big a part it played until I realised I didn't have it. I thought for WYRB I could just write. I have everything planned so why wouldn't it work? I had memories of the MotoGP I went to a couple of months ago and I want to share that with the world so that should be enough right? I was wrong. Yes, all that helped me get going, but it wasn't what was driving me.
I recently read Moto by M. Never and it featured a similar world to what I've created, that being MotoGP. I loved it! It totally got me jealous, got my competitive juices flowing. I wanted to write like that, I wanted to be in that world, I wanted to see my characters there. Now, WYRB is very different to Moto, but the setting is similar, but nonetheless I want to see my characters in their world, so it got me back to my desk.

What I also learned is my concentration is different to what I thought it was. I thought I needed a quiet environment, so I had my iPod turned down low. What it really meant was that I was listening to what was happening in other parts of the house, so up the volume went, and so did my productivity.

What also helps is small goals. I want to fill at least 10 pages of my notebook a day. I feel bad if I don't do it. But what makes me feel worse is heading other authors with the same publisher as me working. They're getting their stuff out, I want mine out too!

So I'm going to be working hard. I want to, and will, meet my deadline. Just how I meet the deadline, is it finished product, or still work in progress, I'm not sure, but I know my preference.

So that's what's new with me, I'll get back to writing now, I still have 5 pages to write today, ha!

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