Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hotshot, Ahren Sanders

I never got the release packet so I'm doing this now, forgive my lack of anything!

Received for an honest opinion.

I'm so confused with this book. I love Shaw and Bizzy as a couple, I think they're great together but what happens with Sasha is so infuriating. I have never hated a character more than Sasha, which I suppose is a testimony to great writing, but I don't understand why someone would put their characters what Shaw and Bizzy go through. I hate Sasha so much I wanted horrible things to happen, which makes me feel awful. I think it also makes Bizzy seem weak when she's really not. I also think there were a little too many sex scenes, which isn't normally a bad thing, but I think they're used to avoid the conversations Shaw and Bizzy need to have but never really do. I love some of Ahren's previous books but this isn't one of my favourites, sorry. 📔📔📔

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