Sunday, July 24, 2016

Inspiration battle.

So I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm watching X Games footage I recorded months ago and it truly is so incredibly insane the stuff these guys are throwing down! I'm also so incredibly proud that the majority of the guys who are competing are Aussies, but that's a side thing. 
But, my problem is, my current WIP, does not feature any of the stuff I'm currently watching, the next book I have planned, Mav's book, does. I've planned some of his book, but watching something that will have a rather large part of this book is making me want to start writing. Since I first seriously sat down and started Where you'd rather be, my current WIP, Mav has been very vocal, like really vocal. For a character I initially didn't have much of a feel for, he's really been making his presence known. 
So, my problem is, do I set aside WYRB to start Mav, when chronologically what happens in Mav's book will take place at the conclusion of WYRB? Or do I try and write them at the same time, delaying WYRB but moving up Mav? I hate to waste the inspiration that is coming for Mav but I feel obligated to write WYRB, not only because I've promised it, but because I need to know what happens in it in case it impacts what's going on in Mav.

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