Saturday, July 23, 2016

author insight quiz

~~~~~ Attention Fellow Authors ~~~~~~~

Let's give those readers a little insight into our selves and our writing! Let's Play 20 questions Author edition! Answer the 20 questions below and let your readers into your world! A clean copy will be posted in the comments

1.) What is you Author name? Megan Lowe, original I know!

2.) What is the first book you ever published? Breaking the Cycle

3.) What is your publiversary? (The day you released your first book) 21/5/2016

4.) What is you favorite book you've written thus far? Probably Breaking the Cycle because it was published.

5.) What book took you the longest to write? Breaking the Cycle but only because I had stuff happen while I was writing it.

6.) How long did it take you? 6 months.

7.) What kind of music (If Any) do you listen to while you write? My favourites, they vary depending on mood, but all of them are hard rock.

8.) Who is you favorite character from any of your books? Jax Ryan, hands down.

9.) What are you currently working on? Rocking Racers 2, Where you'd rather be.

10.) Do you have anything you snack on while you write? I have a jar of lollies at my desk, I shouldn't but I do snack.

11.) What is your favorite quote or line from one of your books? From my latest, Cole mentions crimes against matrimony.

12.) Are you a self published or traditional published author? Traditional, which still freaks me out!

13.) What is your writing inspiration? Life, what I perceive as not having enough attention, Lzzy Hale.

14.) What genre do you write? Romance, contemporary or new adult, with music and sport themes

15.) Do you have any writing rituals? I hand write.

16.) Do you have a specific place you write or time? In my study. I write during the day.

17.) Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? Give it a go! But edit carefully!

18.) What are your writing goals? If any? To publish more! Finish the Rocking Racers series, start new books.

19.) What authors inspire you and your writing? Cambria Hebert, Tijan, LP Maxa, Kaylee Ryan, Ahren Sanders, Jane Austen.

20.) What will be you next release? If you know and when? A novelette for an anthology for my publisher, unintentional. My story is titled Just like Always and it'll be out in September!

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