Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rocking Racers 2 update

I've been fairly active on here lately which is unusual but hey...

Anyway, as you may know, I've started writing book 2 in my Rocking Racers series. At the moment (and probably will be the case) it's titled Where you'd rather be. It features Cole and Knley who were introduced briefly in Breaking the Cycle.

When writing BTC I never set out to write a series, in fact, I'm not the biggest fan of series that follow different couples, but BTC wrapped up nicely and I had the idea to write a book based on the character that is now Knley, it just so happened that she pushed her way into BTC and here we are.

I've gotta say, Cole and Knley are surprising the hell out of me. I've heard of writers saying they were surprised by where their characters take them, and to an extent that happened with Reed and Bria, but Cole and Knley are taking it to another level. These 2 are explosive! Their relationship is going to be tumultuous because that's the way they are together, explosive and passionate, but so far, WYRB is a trip!

I'm hoping to have my manuscript ready for editing at the end of July. That's my own personal deadline. I'm hoping that by announcing it it motivates me to be done by then! Procrastination, it's a killer! 

But I just wanted to share what an experience writing WYRB is so far! It's made even more interesting by the fact that Mav and lately, Park have decided to start speaking up.
Mav will be book 3. Park I've slated as book 5 with Jax in the middle. In truth, Jax is my favourite and I can't wait to write his story but for now he's got to wait, they all do! But I am noting everything they're telling me, so don't worry, I won't forget!

I just wanted to say thank you for your interest in my Ryan Racing boys and a reminder, if you haven't already, of where you can pick up the first in the series, Breaking the Cycle.


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Megan xoxo

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