Tuesday, April 5, 2016


In the wake of a very trying time with both reading and writing I thought I'd give you a bit of insight into my life as an author.

At the moment I'm going through the editing process of Breaking the Cycle. I recieved the beta feedback on Saturday and have been editing accordingly.

I will admit I was a little frustrated at some of the comments, I genuinely think they don't matter. I compare them to what I've read in other books and I feel like it's nitpicking. But then I read a book like Finley and I'm so glad for the nitpicking. I want my book to make sense and I want things to line up, I don't want people to wonder what the hell happened or skip over details because they don't add up. But why don't other published books have the same thing?
Are my editors and beta readers paying more attention? Do they care more?
Are these other books self published and they don't care? 
I read books and I can hear my editor's voice saying things she's said to me and I wonder why these authors don't have anyone telling them the same thing, coz it would vastly improve their product.

I was reluctant to change too much in my book, especially the small details but now I know it's going to make my book better. Maybe in the long run people won't even notice but I will. And I think not having something people question is worth the hard work, even if it is annoying.

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