Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wildcard, Missy Johnson.

Wildcard is a weird book. Ryder Stevens is a pro tennis player who doesn't really love the game despite being the best. Scarlett Calera is a single mother whose son, Jake, has cystic fibrosis.

Ryder breaks his tailbone during an attempted 5some the night before the French open final.
While he's injured he takes the time to read some fan mail. Jake's letter gets his attention as he calls him out. Being the arrogant bastard he is he calls Jake to convince him otherwise. Scarlett answers and refuses to let Ryder talk to Jake. They strike up a friendship and when Jake's condition worsens Ryder uses his connections to get Jake into a medical trial.

Ryder and Scarlett meet and begin a relationship.

When Scarlett and Jake return to America from England she is blackmailed by her ex, jake's father. He's not a good guy.

After a whole heap of drama, she takes the step to have him 'talked to' while Ryder pays him off.
Somehow tony, the ex, ends up in a coma and both are suspects, except they're not because it's solved fairly quickly, despite the boom crawling along prior to that.

I'll be honest, I don't like Scarlett. She's just not a good woman.
I also find the whole concept about how they met weird. I mean he calls her? 
Then, after alol the angst and pain in getting them together, the tony mystery is solved in a flash, like they were told to wrap it up quickly.

Wildcard starts off interesting and then descends into weird and then sloppy. I didn't enjoy it and I found the lack of supporting characters kind of strange.

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