Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Until Friday Night, Abbi Glines.

There's a touch of Sea of Tranquility here but not as depressing. Until Friday Night follows West and Maggie.

Maggie comes to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin after the death of her mother. She refuses to speak after her testimony is used to put her father away for the death of her mother.
West is her cousin's best friend. He has his own problems with his dad suffering from cancer.

At the last party of the summer, West goes to get drunk but guilt eats at him for leaving his mother. He goes to leave when he sees Maggie. Brady, Maggie's cousin makes it well known that she doesn't speak so he sees her as a good outlet and takes a bit of her s anger and frustration out on her. He kisses her then drives away.

West is different with Maggie than he is with everyone else. After a while he begins to talk to her and she talks back. Together they kind of heal.

Unfortunately West's father dies and Maggie becomes his shoulder to lean on. They get together only for her to realise he's too dependent on her. They get back together quickly.

I don't know what to think about this book. It's clearly only the story of West and Maggie for that certain amount of time. You have no idea what happens afterwards, I suppose you're supposed to read the other books to keep track, but I have no desire to do that.

Until Friday Night is a good book. It's well written and the story is well developed but I think too much is made of what West and Maggie are going through, like, that's all there is, but I think there should be a lot more. Give it a go, Abbi Glines is a popular writer so people clearly like her stuff, I'm just not sure it's for me.

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