Friday, March 11, 2016

Rocking country series, Laramie Briscoe.

Sorry, I've been a bit occupied lately and haven't had time for new entries but I'm rectifying that now!

The rocking country series is 3.5 books long and features the relationship between Hannah 'Harmony' Stewart and Garrett 'Reaper' Thompson. Hannah is a country singer and Garrett is part of a heavy metal/hard rock band, it's not really clear what music they make.

They meet at an awards show and make an impression on each other. Their relationship is hard and long distance which I think makes it real. They both have careers and have to criss-cross the country. They do conveniently manage to meet up and their relationship does grow. It's nice to see them change in the relationship. Hannah gets stronger and Garrett gets softer. 

In 1.5 they marry, just months after meeting. 2, sees them navigate the first few months of marriage which is spent mostly apart. It's here Hannah decides she wants to take a break from the music industry.

3 shows them as a 'real' couple and then parents.

I love that this series shows them through different stages. I also like that they fight and neither is perfect. What I really don't like is that it's told in 3rd person, I've mentioned before that I don't think it works. I also don't like that the pov changes and does include Jared and Shell. I know they have heir own book but I just don't think their relationship needs to be in there except for the sake of the next book.

But I do love Garrett and Hannah. They are such a lovely couple and work so well together, even with their differences which I think makes them so good together. There are a few inconsistencies along the line but otherwise rocking country is a great series and highly recommended.

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