Sunday, February 21, 2016

Where I belong, where we belong, J Daniels

These are 2 of my favourite books.
I love Ben and Mia and I love the concept.

Mia and Tessa, ben's younger sister are best friends. Mia moved away when we she was younger, but not before Ben tormented her and made her life a living hell. Now 22 she comes back to visit Tessa for the summer. Before she does however she decided to lose her virginity in an one night stand. The night is hot and full of passion and then the 2 go their seperate ways.

Ben has a wonderful one night stand that he doesn't want to end. He's captivated by the woman. His sister calls him for help and it's then that he runs into Mia, the woman from the night before. Both are shocked. Mia can't get over the fact it was Ben she slept with and Ben tries hard to undo all the horrible things he said and did to Mia as a child. What helps his cause is his 3 year old son Nolan. I love Nolan, he is the epitome of cute kid and a model I have tried to replicate.

Anyway, eventually they are able to put the past behind them, but it's fun seeing them try. It's a good lesson that who we are as children aren't necessarily the people we'll grow to be as adults. The sex is hot and ben's mouth is quite crude but hot.

At the end of where I belong after a few speed bumps, they end up engaged and pregnant.

I'll confess I haven't read the 2 books, Tessa and Luke's and reed and Beth's. I'm not a fan of these types of series, even though I plan to write my own, the devil's share being the exception.

Where we belong comes 3 years after where I belong and shows Ben and Mia's married life and shows that it's not all smooth sailing. Nolan is 6 and their boy Chase is 2. Ben, a cop, has been scheduled on night shift for 2 months so time alone is hard. But their love for each other is still strong.

Again things get in their way but they make it work. The one thing I do find a bit disbelieving is that she asks him if even before, he loved her, meaning when he was terrible and he says yes. You can't have him being so terrible as a youngster and then saying he loved her. There were great pains to make Ben terrible but then he says he loves her? I like the concept but I don't think it works.

These are my second J Daniels books I've written about and I love both sets. They're different but the love is still the same. The characters are strong and likeable and the situations aren't ridiculous and life is real. I highly reccomend you give them a go!

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