Friday, February 12, 2016

The summer I fell, the six series, Sonya Loveday

I loved this book when I first read the sample, I still remember reading it even though it was a while ago. On its own, the summer I fell, is fine, but when you read it with end note, a sequel it goes way weird. 

The summer I fell is about a group of friends who have just graduated high school. In this book we focus on Riely and Ace. They fall in love and it's really the sweetest thing. They love each other so much.

Riely is supposed to go to vet school but her scholarship has been taken away. Ace, as far as Riely knows is going to be a Forrest ranger. On their graduation day she finds out their depth of feeling for her, and her and Ace get together. She finds out that Ace is going to be an army ranger.

They have 2 weeks together before he leaves for boot camp. He then goes away on assignment. This is where things get weird. Riely doesn't hear from him in ages and then out of the blue she gets a phone call that his helicopter has crashed and he's dead.

The book ends on a cliffhanger.

I was excited to read end note because I wanted to see what happens to Ace. Unfortunately the book is Jared's story and you don't know what happens to Ace until right at the end. But there's a whole heap of weird shit that happens inbetween and I have no idea where it comes from.

Jared's gets kidnapped and ends up in Haiti where another one of their friends were, luckily, or not,or whatever.

There's a 3rd book, Aiden's story but I honestly have very little desire to read it because of the weird direction they've taken. I have tried to read the last chapter in the hopes of finding more about what happens to Ace and Riely but it was too disconnected from the rest of the story.

Ace and Riely's love story was beautiful and lovely and I reread that part of the novel often but the. It gets too weird and doesn't make sense.

Try it, if you want to and you can, but the direction it takes is just too weird for me...

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