Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tainted black, shanora williams

I initially downloaded this because I wanted something a bit racy to read. I'll be honest, I haven't finished it and I have little desire to. I've read the last chapter, because I do, but in the middle it's lost.

Chloe falls in love with her best friends dad, Theo. Drunkenly, after the death of his wife, he takes her virginity. 3 years later she comes back to look after her dad and runs into Theo.

It's a game of push and pull from here on in. For small amounts of time they're going in the same direction and it gets boring. They love each other and they promise each other the summer but then they can't but they can but they can't and it gets old. The book is being set up for the inevitable split but you n ver get to enjoy what they have in the mean time and maybe that's a metaphor for their relationship as a whole but it's not enjoyable reading.

It's just very unstable. This books is not what I thought it would be at all and I'm glad I only paid $1.38 for it. The story is a good idea but in reality the way it develops is dull and boring and annoying. Of you can stick it out you're a better man than me, but I just can't stand the continual back and forth.

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