Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sweet addiction, sweet possession, J. Daniels

These two are among some of my favourites, I love Reese, he's the perfect gentleman.

So it starts with Dylan, a baker, attending her ex boyfriend's wedding, yes I find it weird too even if she did make the cake. Anyway, on her way to a seat she trips and ends up in reese's lap, que immediate connection. Long story short, they end up banging in a bathroom where Reese proceeds to freak out. Dylan returns to the reception where she's told Reese is married.

The next Monday she receives a note and some flour, not flowers, as an apology and a plea to forgive him. Dylan is livid and confronts him at his office where he assures her he's not married.
For the life of me I don't know why, but Dylan institutes a casual sex only relationship. I know we all have our insecurities and Reese has a reputation but he never indicated this is what he wants and only goes along with it because that's what Dylan wants.

They continue this relationship and fall in love with each other, as much as Dylan tries to deny it. Reese is sweet and protective and Dylan is an idiot for thinking he doesn't want more.
She finally gives in and goes to tell him she's in love with him only to overhear him saying he's just sleeping with her. They break up.

3 months later they meet again at their best friends wedding where they hash things out and get back together. The first book ends with their engagement.

In sweet possession we're a few weeks out from their wedding. I love how excited Reese is about marrying Dylan. 
I like the stuff with Bryce and how it shows how Reese is human and the depth of his love for Dylan and I especially love his attempts to get her pregnant. I'm slowly realising there's not a lot sexier than a man with his pregnant lady or a baby.

These books are a lovely love story about overcoming yourself and putting yourself out there. I think men can take note of the romantic gestures and women can take heed of not being so stupid. Definitely worth the time to give them a look in.

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