Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reed's reckoning, Ahren Sanders.

I've already mentioned 2 other Ahren Sanders books, and while Reed's Reckoning is in a similar vein, it's still different.

Instead of being a college, brothers best friend novel, it's an after college sport novel.
It's weird in that there's a whole story before the start of the novel but it's not available as a novella, or even exists at all, as far as I know. You are given enough information to put the novel in context though. For the most part anyway, most of the interesting stuff happens in the novel anyway.

So Ari and Reed were college sweethearts before breaking up just before Reed's drafted to the NFL. Fast forward 4 years and their paths cross again, with their son running into Reed. He has no idea he has a child and tracks Ari down.

Long story short he goes about getting his family back together. The scenes with Reed and Davis are especially touching. I love that it's fairly easy for him to be a part of their lives. Eventfully too, he makes right with Ari as well.

But it's not smooth sailing. A girl from both their paths comes back to haunt them, and Reed's own sister causes her own heartache. 

One thing I like about Ahren Sanders is she puts her couples through a lot of heartache but they never break up. I hate the whole get together, break up, get back together thing. And the drama makes the couple's relationship stronger.

What I like about Reed's Reckoning is that it basically starts in the middle of the story but you don't really need the start beyond what is given to you. I get the feeling that it would be kind of dull and run of the mill. I also really love stories of men with babies or in this case, children, it's totally hot.

There's drama, romance, sadness and sport and who doesn't need that? I highly reccomend you give it a go.

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