Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Never Ever, L.P. Maxa

I was a bit surprised when I came across this, I didn't even know this book existed but it's almost a year old.

I loved Never Ever. I love the way L.P writes male roles, sweet, sexy and cheeky.
Taylor is like Dash from Play Fair. Hes hot and with Dash and Mason Kade, is my ultimate book boyfriend.

Anyway, Never Ever focuses on Livi and her friends. They go on a holiday to Georgia, where they meet Taylor.
Livi is currently going through a divorce but only one of her friends knows. 
Taylor is attracted to her straightaway and is used to getting any woman he wants. His next victim is Livi. Surprisingly Livi goes along with his games.

Long story, but not really coz none of her novels are long *insert sad face here*, the end up getting really close over Livi's 3 day holiday, but she leaves with the other believing that northern wanted a relationship.

Spoiler alert.
They do get together, which isn't surprising. But I love her friends for doing what they did.
What I would love more of is what happens after that. You never get the big 'I love you' moment. Being a romantic I like that kind of stuff.

I really love Livi and Taylor, they're a great couple but I wish this book was longer! I'm always wishing L.P's books are longer! I want more! Like Play Fair I definitely recommend giving it a go, it's a lovely story and a great pick me up.

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