Sunday, February 14, 2016

Monster Prick, Kendall Ryan

I originally read this novella before realising what it was, a novella that's part of the series. I got the feeling it was (part of a series that is) but to me it was just weird and I don't understand it's existence. 

It follows Grace and Hudson. Grace is 22 and desperate to lose her virginity. Her brother's best friend, Hudson, offers to 'educate' her in the ways of sex. The concept isn't strange but the book is.
It jumps from day to day without end the previous one and the scenes with grace and her best friend are odd.

The book takes place over a week and then ends a year later.

I understand the characters were talking to Kendall but it just seems like a half hearted attempt at a story. If she had taken the time it could've been quite a good story but it was like bang and we're done.

I originally read this coz I'm going through a brother's best friend thing and it wasn't much of that. It wasn't much of anything to be fair.

I have no desire to read the first of this series or any of the ones following. The writing isn't bad but the story is rushed and I feel kind of cheapened out of a good reading experience.

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