Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love unrehearsed, love series, Tina Reber

I'm only going to writing about Love Unrehearsed here, book 1, Love Unscripted really wasn't one of my favourites. I found it too slow.

When I think back on both of these books I find them kind of dull, with not very many bright spots, if they were colours they'd be a dull dark grey but nonetheless Love Unrehearsed is one of my favourites.

Movie star Ryan Christensen falls in love with a small town barkeeper Taryn Mitchell. Through many ups and downs they finally get together with book 1 ending in their engagement.

Book 2 picks up not long after that. Ryan and Taryn are faced with many, many obstacles. What I like about these novels are that they're real. Not everything is perfect. I like that the description of fame gives an insight into what it probably really is like, it's not glossed over. I like that marriage isn't portrayed as easy with Gary and Marie. I like that Marla is dealt with swiftly and I really like that Ryan is human.

These books, or this book, are refreshingly honest, with a touch of fame and fortune mixed in. I like that life isn't easy even though the situations the couple are placed in aren't everyday situations for everyday people.

Love Unrehearsed is a beautiful love story that survives all sorts of threats, constant rumours, arrests and conniving costars and exes. It's beautiful the love Ryan has for Taryn, through everything, even the guilt he feels over changing her life so much. It's a, I'm going to love you even though I know I'm putting you through hell, story. 

It also makes you think about the world of celebrity and our voracious appetites for celebrity gossip and how it would feel on the other side of the camera.

If you have time, these books aren't short, give them a go. It's not all happy all the time, like I said, they're unflinchingly real, but the love is beautiful.

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