Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jock blocked, gridiron book 2, Jen Fredrick

I have read book 1 in this series but I didn't really enjoy it. To be honest, I wasn't really taken with Jock Blocked either.

Lucy is a conscientious student and is having a hard day when she comes across Matt. He's a football player but is enjoying a break after having just won the national championship.
Lucy was really hard for me to picture as she's so similar to Rimmel in #. 

Anyway, they sort of hit it off because but Lucy knocks him back, for a whole heap of reasons including her best friend ace, who happens to be Matt's quarterback. I think we're supposed to like ace because he helped get masters and Ellie together in book 1, but in this book I really don't like him. He's terrible, even in the face of everything and is to be plain, an arse. He's terrible to Lucy and in general. He thinks after everything that she's going to love him? Please.

I think it's stupid that Lucy breaks up with Matt too, I mean, what the hell was that for? That was a dumb move and I get the feeling it was ,ore to create drama than any rational reasoning.

I only read this book because there was such a big gap, for me, between book 1 and book 2 coming on my radar. I had no intention of reading it, or any other for that matter. I'm not a fan of this book or this series but they are OK reads.

 Give them a go if overly dramatic, unnecessary drama is your thing.

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