Monday, February 1, 2016

Iron Bulls MC, asunder, disconnect, entwined, Phoenyx Slaughter

These books are a lot different to what I expected when I first bought asunder but I've grown to like them. They're quite hot!

Anyway, the series follows Karina and Dante. Karina seduces Dante in the hopes of making her ex jealous, they end up falling for each other.

I love hearing both points of view. Even though the sex between them is a little fucked up, there is genuine feelings between them and that's what makes the series so strong. I love watching Dante fall in love and looks after karina. 

These novels are short, like, read them in a few hours short which annoys me.

Disconnect is my favourite, when Dante and Karina's relationship really blossoms.

Entwined is just so unsatisfying. There was a long wait for it and there's just so much more going on.
It's the last Dante and karina book but their story has so much more to go! And it doesn't really get into anything, just solves the cliffhanger at the end of disconnect which I think we'd all solved anyway.
The whole thing with Luck had me confused to, where the fuck did that come from? And for something that was heavy on details, entwined was sorely lacking.

I am curious to see where the series goes so I probably will continue, but I'd really like to see the end of Dante and Karina's story, I think there's so much more to give.

These books are hot, and a little on the depraved side, so they're not for everyone. If you can get past that, underneath is a lovely love story.

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