Monday, February 1, 2016

Finding our way and Staying on course. Ahren Sanders.

I love Ahren Sanders, recently she's been a writer I've been trying to emulate.i love the way she's able to entwine drama with romance but not fuck with the couple too much.

Devin and Bryce are one of my favourite book couples and I'm glad there was a sequel.

In finding out way we meet Bryce and devin, 2 people who were friends. Devin has been in love with Bryce forever and on his graduation told him so. Being 3 years younger than her he told her to come back to him when she was 18. 
On her 18th birthday she prepares to go to him but he rocks up with another girl who's pregnant. She also tells devin that her and Bryce were engaged. Devin is heartbroken and uproots her and her best friend across the country to get away from Bryce.

18 months later and Bryce comes calling for devin. She tries to rebuff his advances but he doesn't give up. He fights for her and at the end of finding our way they end up getting engaged.

Staying the course picks up where finding our way leaves off.

At the end of filming our way devin learns she has been accepted to a summer program going to Israel and Bryce flips. In the end the program changes the location to rio. 

Throughout staying the course devin and Bryce are tested. With his ex, a colleague and distance. I love that throughout it all they stay strong, for the most part.

The part I don't like is, the part around New Years, no spoilers! I don't get why devin takes responsibility. Well I do, but I don't feel it's her fault and that she should apologise, Bryce should've realised, she told him enough.

But finding our way and staying the course are great books, with a great story. I really love that Ahren fucks with Bryce and devin but doesn't do it so much that they're forever breaking up and getting back together.

I seriously reccomend giving these books a go. Bryce is sweet and determined and devin is cute if not a little square, but they make a gray couple and a great read.

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