Thursday, February 18, 2016

Breakaway, Portland storm 1, Catherine gayle

I genuinely liked this book. The subject matter was a little dark, but I liked the twist on the traditional way of things.

Dana and Eric have been friends for years as he's her brother's best friend. She comes to him for help. After being raped 6 years ago Dana needs someone to help her get used to a man's touch, so she goes to Eric. Eric has been in love with Dana for years, which is a nice spin on the traditional brother's best friend romance. 

The thing that got me was the story wasn't really set up well. It just dives straight in, not explaining things while you're on the way. Half the time you're left wondering what this all means before it's explained. The other thing that bothered me was that it was short on details. One minute they're going on about one thing, the next it's over and done and it wasn't even a big deal even though it was made out to be.

But it was lovely to have Eric be the one that's longed for Dana. I do find it a little weird considering he's 3 years older than her and his feelings go way back, but I guess that's the way this story goes.

Eric agrees to help Dana with her issues and they fall in love along the way.
Another thing I find hard to understand were the quite detailed hockey references. I know this is a hockey based novel but for a non hockey watcher I didn't understand a lot of it and it did get confusing with names, nicknames, positions and wives and girlfriends. There are a lot of characters and I had trouble keeping them straight.

Breakaway won't be one of my favourites but I did appreciate the twist on the traditional. Give it a try if you have the time.

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