Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Anywhere with you, everywhere with you, Kaylee Ryan

These 2 are some of my favourite books, I absolutely love them and have reread them a bunch of times. 

The story follows Allie and Liam. Liam is the qb at UNC and Allie is his little sister's roommate. He fights his feelings for her before eventually succumbing. Liam falls and falls hard. It's really very sweet.

Allie lost her parents at a young age and only has her gran left, plus her best friend, who just so happens to be Liam's best friend as well, and his parents. It's all very sad, but Liam and his family more than welcome her.

It takes a while for the two to get together but they do eventually. The catalyst is when Allie and hailee, Liam's sister go out on a date with Liam's rivals.

Like I said, I love these books but they're not entirely well written. It's somewhat annoying that some of the chapters in anywhere with you repeat actions from an alternate view. It's annoying hearing the same thing just from another point of view, I get why she did it, to shed light but it is annoying. Also, the dialogue is a little stilted and when she's writing in Liam's voice, there's not much to differentiate it from Allie's.

Everywhere with you follows Liam and Allie as well as well Aiden, the bff, and Hailee. I don't like Aiden and hailee that much so I skip those chapters, but I do like that she makes their relationship human.

I love seeing Liam with Allie in this book but I hate that Aiden and hailee seem to copy them. Even in Aiden and hailee's book, the name of which I can't remember, there are so many similarities.

These books are sweet,mths character lovely and the writing you can get over. I get the feelings these are her first books because her later ones are much better written.

These are some of my favs but I do wish they were better written but I say, give them a go.

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