Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jock blocked, gridiron book 2, Jen Fredrick

I have read book 1 in this series but I didn't really enjoy it. To be honest, I wasn't really taken with Jock Blocked either.

Lucy is a conscientious student and is having a hard day when she comes across Matt. He's a football player but is enjoying a break after having just won the national championship.
Lucy was really hard for me to picture as she's so similar to Rimmel in #. 

Anyway, they sort of hit it off because but Lucy knocks him back, for a whole heap of reasons including her best friend ace, who happens to be Matt's quarterback. I think we're supposed to like ace because he helped get masters and Ellie together in book 1, but in this book I really don't like him. He's terrible, even in the face of everything and is to be plain, an arse. He's terrible to Lucy and in general. He thinks after everything that she's going to love him? Please.

I think it's stupid that Lucy breaks up with Matt too, I mean, what the hell was that for? That was a dumb move and I get the feeling it was ,ore to create drama than any rational reasoning.

I only read this book because there was such a big gap, for me, between book 1 and book 2 coming on my radar. I had no intention of reading it, or any other for that matter. I'm not a fan of this book or this series but they are OK reads.

 Give them a go if overly dramatic, unnecessary drama is your thing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


So I can finally reveal that my debut novel Breaking the Cycle will be published by Hot Tree Publishing. 
Here's the blurb:

The Ryans have always had exceptionally bad luck in love. Reed Ryan avoided it by never falling in love, but meeting Bria Adams threatens all the boundaries he's put in place. 

With a rival motocross team at his door and his family's 'curse' always in the background, Reed knows he must overcome his fears in order to protect the woman who's found a place in his heart.

Will Bria succumb to the misfortune that seems to befall the women in love with the Ryan men? Or will she be the one to finally break the cycle?

If it sounds like something you'd like to read, add it to your goodreads list and maybe hop on over to Facebook and give my page a like!

I'm so excited for everyone to read my book and I can't believe it's actually happening!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A beautiful idea, Emily McKee.

I wasn't looking for this book but I'm glad I found it.

Isabelle has had a rough childhood and is finally able to leave her hometown to go to college. There she runs into Ryder, literally. He immediately takes to her and they become friends. 
In a line for coffee she meets Sarah who is friends with Ryder. She introduces Isabelle to her friends. I love to group and the dynamics.

Due to a financial aid problem Isabelle is unable to stay in the dorms so Ryder suggests she move in with him. What shocked me was how long it took for them to get together and the fact there was no definite catalyst, it was just bam, they're together.

They enjoy a few months together and then get in a fight and break up. I was surprised they were apart for so long. I though Ryder's feelings would overcome that and I didn't think Isabelle was daft enough to think Ryder didn't care. 

I do like the way the relationship developed though and I like that it was followed to an end.

I really like the supporting characters but I'm not sure I want to read their books, as I've said before I'm not a fan but it may be enough for me to with this lot.

The dialogue and some of the action passages could use some work but the strength of Isabelle and Ryder's relationship overcomes this and takes away just enough so that you don't get carried away, although I'm not sure this a good thing. I think the sex scenes could use work as well, but that's me.

A beautiful idea is a lovely story and I enjoyed it, it was a bolt out of the blue. I would like to see it tidied up a bit but I don't think that's going to happen, but would improve it. Despite this, it's well worth a read.

Tainted black, shanora williams

I initially downloaded this because I wanted something a bit racy to read. I'll be honest, I haven't finished it and I have little desire to. I've read the last chapter, because I do, but in the middle it's lost.

Chloe falls in love with her best friends dad, Theo. Drunkenly, after the death of his wife, he takes her virginity. 3 years later she comes back to look after her dad and runs into Theo.

It's a game of push and pull from here on in. For small amounts of time they're going in the same direction and it gets boring. They love each other and they promise each other the summer but then they can't but they can but they can't and it gets old. The book is being set up for the inevitable split but you n ver get to enjoy what they have in the mean time and maybe that's a metaphor for their relationship as a whole but it's not enjoyable reading.

It's just very unstable. This books is not what I thought it would be at all and I'm glad I only paid $1.38 for it. The story is a good idea but in reality the way it develops is dull and boring and annoying. Of you can stick it out you're a better man than me, but I just can't stand the continual back and forth.

Where I belong, where we belong, J Daniels

These are 2 of my favourite books.
I love Ben and Mia and I love the concept.

Mia and Tessa, ben's younger sister are best friends. Mia moved away when we she was younger, but not before Ben tormented her and made her life a living hell. Now 22 she comes back to visit Tessa for the summer. Before she does however she decided to lose her virginity in an one night stand. The night is hot and full of passion and then the 2 go their seperate ways.

Ben has a wonderful one night stand that he doesn't want to end. He's captivated by the woman. His sister calls him for help and it's then that he runs into Mia, the woman from the night before. Both are shocked. Mia can't get over the fact it was Ben she slept with and Ben tries hard to undo all the horrible things he said and did to Mia as a child. What helps his cause is his 3 year old son Nolan. I love Nolan, he is the epitome of cute kid and a model I have tried to replicate.

Anyway, eventually they are able to put the past behind them, but it's fun seeing them try. It's a good lesson that who we are as children aren't necessarily the people we'll grow to be as adults. The sex is hot and ben's mouth is quite crude but hot.

At the end of where I belong after a few speed bumps, they end up engaged and pregnant.

I'll confess I haven't read the 2 books, Tessa and Luke's and reed and Beth's. I'm not a fan of these types of series, even though I plan to write my own, the devil's share being the exception.

Where we belong comes 3 years after where I belong and shows Ben and Mia's married life and shows that it's not all smooth sailing. Nolan is 6 and their boy Chase is 2. Ben, a cop, has been scheduled on night shift for 2 months so time alone is hard. But their love for each other is still strong.

Again things get in their way but they make it work. The one thing I do find a bit disbelieving is that she asks him if even before, he loved her, meaning when he was terrible and he says yes. You can't have him being so terrible as a youngster and then saying he loved her. There were great pains to make Ben terrible but then he says he loves her? I like the concept but I don't think it works.

These are my second J Daniels books I've written about and I love both sets. They're different but the love is still the same. The characters are strong and likeable and the situations aren't ridiculous and life is real. I highly reccomend you give them a go!

Personal note

Just letting you know that if you'd like I've set up an author page on Facebook, you can find me at . I'll be making some announcements this week and it'd mean the world if you'd like the page!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vegas Love, Jillian Dodd

I think I bought this book as it was a cheap, pre order price. If I had read it as a sample I wouldn't have bought it.

I've read the first 2 1/2 chapters as well as the last and I don't like it. The female lead, Ashlyn, feels like the writer is trying to rep,I ate Anne Mercier's Lucy from Falling Down but is less likeable and infinitely more annoying and I find the male lead, Cash not likeable. Both of Ashlyn's ex boyfriends are annoying douches and she's an idiot herself.

I've given up in this book and won't be finishing it. The plot is interesting and I think I might enjoy it but the characters make it impossible for me to want to see where the story goes.

Perhaps I've judged too early but I just really don't like the characters, a miss from me.

Breakaway, Portland storm 1, Catherine gayle

I genuinely liked this book. The subject matter was a little dark, but I liked the twist on the traditional way of things.

Dana and Eric have been friends for years as he's her brother's best friend. She comes to him for help. After being raped 6 years ago Dana needs someone to help her get used to a man's touch, so she goes to Eric. Eric has been in love with Dana for years, which is a nice spin on the traditional brother's best friend romance. 

The thing that got me was the story wasn't really set up well. It just dives straight in, not explaining things while you're on the way. Half the time you're left wondering what this all means before it's explained. The other thing that bothered me was that it was short on details. One minute they're going on about one thing, the next it's over and done and it wasn't even a big deal even though it was made out to be.

But it was lovely to have Eric be the one that's longed for Dana. I do find it a little weird considering he's 3 years older than her and his feelings go way back, but I guess that's the way this story goes.

Eric agrees to help Dana with her issues and they fall in love along the way.
Another thing I find hard to understand were the quite detailed hockey references. I know this is a hockey based novel but for a non hockey watcher I didn't understand a lot of it and it did get confusing with names, nicknames, positions and wives and girlfriends. There are a lot of characters and I had trouble keeping them straight.

Breakaway won't be one of my favourites but I did appreciate the twist on the traditional. Give it a try if you have the time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Anywhere with you, everywhere with you, Kaylee Ryan

These 2 are some of my favourite books, I absolutely love them and have reread them a bunch of times. 

The story follows Allie and Liam. Liam is the qb at UNC and Allie is his little sister's roommate. He fights his feelings for her before eventually succumbing. Liam falls and falls hard. It's really very sweet.

Allie lost her parents at a young age and only has her gran left, plus her best friend, who just so happens to be Liam's best friend as well, and his parents. It's all very sad, but Liam and his family more than welcome her.

It takes a while for the two to get together but they do eventually. The catalyst is when Allie and hailee, Liam's sister go out on a date with Liam's rivals.

Like I said, I love these books but they're not entirely well written. It's somewhat annoying that some of the chapters in anywhere with you repeat actions from an alternate view. It's annoying hearing the same thing just from another point of view, I get why she did it, to shed light but it is annoying. Also, the dialogue is a little stilted and when she's writing in Liam's voice, there's not much to differentiate it from Allie's.

Everywhere with you follows Liam and Allie as well as well Aiden, the bff, and Hailee. I don't like Aiden and hailee that much so I skip those chapters, but I do like that she makes their relationship human.

I love seeing Liam with Allie in this book but I hate that Aiden and hailee seem to copy them. Even in Aiden and hailee's book, the name of which I can't remember, there are so many similarities.

These books are sweet,mths character lovely and the writing you can get over. I get the feelings these are her first books because her later ones are much better written.

These are some of my favs but I do wish they were better written but I say, give them a go.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Monster Prick, Kendall Ryan

I originally read this novella before realising what it was, a novella that's part of the series. I got the feeling it was (part of a series that is) but to me it was just weird and I don't understand it's existence. 

It follows Grace and Hudson. Grace is 22 and desperate to lose her virginity. Her brother's best friend, Hudson, offers to 'educate' her in the ways of sex. The concept isn't strange but the book is.
It jumps from day to day without end the previous one and the scenes with grace and her best friend are odd.

The book takes place over a week and then ends a year later.

I understand the characters were talking to Kendall but it just seems like a half hearted attempt at a story. If she had taken the time it could've been quite a good story but it was like bang and we're done.

I originally read this coz I'm going through a brother's best friend thing and it wasn't much of that. It wasn't much of anything to be fair.

I have no desire to read the first of this series or any of the ones following. The writing isn't bad but the story is rushed and I feel kind of cheapened out of a good reading experience.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The summer I fell, the six series, Sonya Loveday

I loved this book when I first read the sample, I still remember reading it even though it was a while ago. On its own, the summer I fell, is fine, but when you read it with end note, a sequel it goes way weird. 

The summer I fell is about a group of friends who have just graduated high school. In this book we focus on Riely and Ace. They fall in love and it's really the sweetest thing. They love each other so much.

Riely is supposed to go to vet school but her scholarship has been taken away. Ace, as far as Riely knows is going to be a Forrest ranger. On their graduation day she finds out their depth of feeling for her, and her and Ace get together. She finds out that Ace is going to be an army ranger.

They have 2 weeks together before he leaves for boot camp. He then goes away on assignment. This is where things get weird. Riely doesn't hear from him in ages and then out of the blue she gets a phone call that his helicopter has crashed and he's dead.

The book ends on a cliffhanger.

I was excited to read end note because I wanted to see what happens to Ace. Unfortunately the book is Jared's story and you don't know what happens to Ace until right at the end. But there's a whole heap of weird shit that happens inbetween and I have no idea where it comes from.

Jared's gets kidnapped and ends up in Haiti where another one of their friends were, luckily, or not,or whatever.

There's a 3rd book, Aiden's story but I honestly have very little desire to read it because of the weird direction they've taken. I have tried to read the last chapter in the hopes of finding more about what happens to Ace and Riely but it was too disconnected from the rest of the story.

Ace and Riely's love story was beautiful and lovely and I reread that part of the novel often but the. It gets too weird and doesn't make sense.

Try it, if you want to and you can, but the direction it takes is just too weird for me...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love unrehearsed, love series, Tina Reber

I'm only going to writing about Love Unrehearsed here, book 1, Love Unscripted really wasn't one of my favourites. I found it too slow.

When I think back on both of these books I find them kind of dull, with not very many bright spots, if they were colours they'd be a dull dark grey but nonetheless Love Unrehearsed is one of my favourites.

Movie star Ryan Christensen falls in love with a small town barkeeper Taryn Mitchell. Through many ups and downs they finally get together with book 1 ending in their engagement.

Book 2 picks up not long after that. Ryan and Taryn are faced with many, many obstacles. What I like about these novels are that they're real. Not everything is perfect. I like that the description of fame gives an insight into what it probably really is like, it's not glossed over. I like that marriage isn't portrayed as easy with Gary and Marie. I like that Marla is dealt with swiftly and I really like that Ryan is human.

These books, or this book, are refreshingly honest, with a touch of fame and fortune mixed in. I like that life isn't easy even though the situations the couple are placed in aren't everyday situations for everyday people.

Love Unrehearsed is a beautiful love story that survives all sorts of threats, constant rumours, arrests and conniving costars and exes. It's beautiful the love Ryan has for Taryn, through everything, even the guilt he feels over changing her life so much. It's a, I'm going to love you even though I know I'm putting you through hell, story. 

It also makes you think about the world of celebrity and our voracious appetites for celebrity gossip and how it would feel on the other side of the camera.

If you have time, these books aren't short, give them a go. It's not all happy all the time, like I said, they're unflinchingly real, but the love is beautiful.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Try, Ella frank.

So these books were mentioned in Sweet Possesion and in the wake of #Junkie I thought I'd give it a go and see what other m/m romances are like. 

I'll be honest, I'm only halfway through and I really don't know if I want to continue. The romance between Logan and Tate is interesting but I think too much is made of the fact Tate is a straight man. We get it! 

It's also written in 3rd person which I really don't like, I feel like you don't get as much insight into the characters that way. It also makes what an individual is feeling, as in touch, a bit difficult to understand and a little unclear. The novel switches between Tate and Logan but it still leads to confusion.

I think I probably will read this to the end but will I read the others? Maybe, but they won't be my favourites.

I think too much is made of the m/m romance. You don't need to be that obvious, and I see nothing wrong with it being straightforwardly 2 people who happen to be guys, falling in love. Does that make me a little bit homophobic? Or accepting? I don't know...

So I'll give it a go and we'll see.

On another note, in a few hours I'll be revealing the cover for #Rev, the sequel to #Junkie, the 2nd novel in the gearshark series, so check back to see it!

Sweet addiction, sweet possession, J. Daniels

These two are among some of my favourites, I love Reese, he's the perfect gentleman.

So it starts with Dylan, a baker, attending her ex boyfriend's wedding, yes I find it weird too even if she did make the cake. Anyway, on her way to a seat she trips and ends up in reese's lap, que immediate connection. Long story short, they end up banging in a bathroom where Reese proceeds to freak out. Dylan returns to the reception where she's told Reese is married.

The next Monday she receives a note and some flour, not flowers, as an apology and a plea to forgive him. Dylan is livid and confronts him at his office where he assures her he's not married.
For the life of me I don't know why, but Dylan institutes a casual sex only relationship. I know we all have our insecurities and Reese has a reputation but he never indicated this is what he wants and only goes along with it because that's what Dylan wants.

They continue this relationship and fall in love with each other, as much as Dylan tries to deny it. Reese is sweet and protective and Dylan is an idiot for thinking he doesn't want more.
She finally gives in and goes to tell him she's in love with him only to overhear him saying he's just sleeping with her. They break up.

3 months later they meet again at their best friends wedding where they hash things out and get back together. The first book ends with their engagement.

In sweet possession we're a few weeks out from their wedding. I love how excited Reese is about marrying Dylan. 
I like the stuff with Bryce and how it shows how Reese is human and the depth of his love for Dylan and I especially love his attempts to get her pregnant. I'm slowly realising there's not a lot sexier than a man with his pregnant lady or a baby.

These books are a lovely love story about overcoming yourself and putting yourself out there. I think men can take note of the romantic gestures and women can take heed of not being so stupid. Definitely worth the time to give them a look in.

Friday, February 5, 2016

#Rev cover reveal, Cambria Hebert

So here's the cover reveal for book 2 in the Gearshark series, the sequel to #Junkie, #Rev.

It will be out March 18, so put it in your calendars! I know I have. No pre order is available so you'll have to do things the manual way.

Without further ado, here's #Rev.

Trent Mask puts the REV in revolution.

A line has been drawn.

Indie vs Pro

Here at GearShark, we’re straddling that line to bring you exclusive coverage of what some have dubbed the war of racing.
Every war starts with a spark and ends in revolution.
Drew Forrester was the spark,
but his second-in-command is the REVolution.

What does it take to stand brave in the face of opposition?

resolve of steel…

Stubborn will…

And a heart that refuses to give up.

It isn’t just the drivers in this war.
The revolution is about more than just racing.
It’s about shattering labels and taking risks.

So we asked Trent Mask: Truth or Dare?

His answer?


Check out the full feature article inside…

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reed's reckoning, Ahren Sanders.

I've already mentioned 2 other Ahren Sanders books, and while Reed's Reckoning is in a similar vein, it's still different.

Instead of being a college, brothers best friend novel, it's an after college sport novel.
It's weird in that there's a whole story before the start of the novel but it's not available as a novella, or even exists at all, as far as I know. You are given enough information to put the novel in context though. For the most part anyway, most of the interesting stuff happens in the novel anyway.

So Ari and Reed were college sweethearts before breaking up just before Reed's drafted to the NFL. Fast forward 4 years and their paths cross again, with their son running into Reed. He has no idea he has a child and tracks Ari down.

Long story short he goes about getting his family back together. The scenes with Reed and Davis are especially touching. I love that it's fairly easy for him to be a part of their lives. Eventfully too, he makes right with Ari as well.

But it's not smooth sailing. A girl from both their paths comes back to haunt them, and Reed's own sister causes her own heartache. 

One thing I like about Ahren Sanders is she puts her couples through a lot of heartache but they never break up. I hate the whole get together, break up, get back together thing. And the drama makes the couple's relationship stronger.

What I like about Reed's Reckoning is that it basically starts in the middle of the story but you don't really need the start beyond what is given to you. I get the feeling that it would be kind of dull and run of the mill. I also really love stories of men with babies or in this case, children, it's totally hot.

There's drama, romance, sadness and sport and who doesn't need that? I highly reccomend you give it a go.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Never Ever, L.P. Maxa

I was a bit surprised when I came across this, I didn't even know this book existed but it's almost a year old.

I loved Never Ever. I love the way L.P writes male roles, sweet, sexy and cheeky.
Taylor is like Dash from Play Fair. Hes hot and with Dash and Mason Kade, is my ultimate book boyfriend.

Anyway, Never Ever focuses on Livi and her friends. They go on a holiday to Georgia, where they meet Taylor.
Livi is currently going through a divorce but only one of her friends knows. 
Taylor is attracted to her straightaway and is used to getting any woman he wants. His next victim is Livi. Surprisingly Livi goes along with his games.

Long story, but not really coz none of her novels are long *insert sad face here*, the end up getting really close over Livi's 3 day holiday, but she leaves with the other believing that northern wanted a relationship.

Spoiler alert.
They do get together, which isn't surprising. But I love her friends for doing what they did.
What I would love more of is what happens after that. You never get the big 'I love you' moment. Being a romantic I like that kind of stuff.

I really love Livi and Taylor, they're a great couple but I wish this book was longer! I'm always wishing L.P's books are longer! I want more! Like Play Fair I definitely recommend giving it a go, it's a lovely story and a great pick me up.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Iron Bulls MC, asunder, disconnect, entwined, Phoenyx Slaughter

These books are a lot different to what I expected when I first bought asunder but I've grown to like them. They're quite hot!

Anyway, the series follows Karina and Dante. Karina seduces Dante in the hopes of making her ex jealous, they end up falling for each other.

I love hearing both points of view. Even though the sex between them is a little fucked up, there is genuine feelings between them and that's what makes the series so strong. I love watching Dante fall in love and looks after karina. 

These novels are short, like, read them in a few hours short which annoys me.

Disconnect is my favourite, when Dante and Karina's relationship really blossoms.

Entwined is just so unsatisfying. There was a long wait for it and there's just so much more going on.
It's the last Dante and karina book but their story has so much more to go! And it doesn't really get into anything, just solves the cliffhanger at the end of disconnect which I think we'd all solved anyway.
The whole thing with Luck had me confused to, where the fuck did that come from? And for something that was heavy on details, entwined was sorely lacking.

I am curious to see where the series goes so I probably will continue, but I'd really like to see the end of Dante and Karina's story, I think there's so much more to give.

These books are hot, and a little on the depraved side, so they're not for everyone. If you can get past that, underneath is a lovely love story.

Finding our way and Staying on course. Ahren Sanders.

I love Ahren Sanders, recently she's been a writer I've been trying to emulate.i love the way she's able to entwine drama with romance but not fuck with the couple too much.

Devin and Bryce are one of my favourite book couples and I'm glad there was a sequel.

In finding out way we meet Bryce and devin, 2 people who were friends. Devin has been in love with Bryce forever and on his graduation told him so. Being 3 years younger than her he told her to come back to him when she was 18. 
On her 18th birthday she prepares to go to him but he rocks up with another girl who's pregnant. She also tells devin that her and Bryce were engaged. Devin is heartbroken and uproots her and her best friend across the country to get away from Bryce.

18 months later and Bryce comes calling for devin. She tries to rebuff his advances but he doesn't give up. He fights for her and at the end of finding our way they end up getting engaged.

Staying the course picks up where finding our way leaves off.

At the end of filming our way devin learns she has been accepted to a summer program going to Israel and Bryce flips. In the end the program changes the location to rio. 

Throughout staying the course devin and Bryce are tested. With his ex, a colleague and distance. I love that throughout it all they stay strong, for the most part.

The part I don't like is, the part around New Years, no spoilers! I don't get why devin takes responsibility. Well I do, but I don't feel it's her fault and that she should apologise, Bryce should've realised, she told him enough.

But finding our way and staying the course are great books, with a great story. I really love that Ahren fucks with Bryce and devin but doesn't do it so much that they're forever breaking up and getting back together.

I seriously reccomend giving these books a go. Bryce is sweet and determined and devin is cute if not a little square, but they make a gray couple and a great read.