Sunday, January 24, 2016

The baller, Vi Keeland

I enjoy a good sports novel, I really do, the result of being a daddy's girl and an only child. So the Baller was right up my alley, but I didn't really enjoy it. It felt rushed and skimped on the details. It's a new adult book so usually that means 'steamy parts' and by steamy parts I mean sex scenes. There weren't a lot here even though the 2 main characters chemistry promised so much.

Delilah is a reporter for a sports news station and is sent to interview Brody, the Steels quarterback. He's not keen on women in locker rooms and during her first interview drops his towel and exposes himself to her. She's flustered and leaves. As the season progresses he tries to get to her more and more, and eventually she succumbs to his charms, I don't blame her, I totally would too.

But there's hurt and tragedy in both their pasts and it comes back to haunt him in the face of his ex girlfriend Willow. I hated the chapters from Willow's perspective. I didn't think they were at all necessary and almost detracted from the story, I really wished they would go away, just like she did, with a whimper.

In all, this book just felt rushed and light on details and the story, while it had some depth, it didn't have depth in the right places. It was a cute book, I quite enjoyed Brody but it was missing something that would make it great.

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