Monday, January 25, 2016

Southern Pleasure, Kaylee Ryan.

I'll be honest, I love Kaylee Ryan books and I buy them based on the strength of her previous work, but I didn't love Southern Pleasure. I thought the concept was a little strange and the relationship between McKinley and Evan was strange as well.

Evan finds out his (ex?) girlfriend is pregnant. She doesn't want the baby, he does, so he manages to convince her to have it and sign the rights over to him. She does so.
McKinley is his best friends sister and has just returned home from college. She's always had a thing for Evan so when he tells her he's going to be a single father she offers to help him prepare.

As they are preparing for the baby the two grow closer and end up sharing kisses and I suppose a lot of loving gazes but never get together. He thinks she needs someone who can offer her a future, I'm not sure what her deal is.

Anyway the baby comes and McKinley is there to help. The mother 'dies' a month after the baby is born and her parents come after Evan for custody, despite being terrible parents and the mother stating they are to have nothing to do with the kid. In an effort to help Evan, McKinley says they should get married, like normal right? They both haven't feelings for each other and while he says the marriage will be 'real' she's sticking to the arrangement.

They end up sleeping together a few times but never get around to revealing their feelings. For the life of me I don't get how the other doesn't know and I really don't get what mckinley's problem is. They're married, sleeping together and he says he wants a real marriage so I dot get why she can't get it through her thick head!

Anyway eventually shit sorts itself out but I just find the whole concept weird, she's helping him but it's strange, I mean, who does all that? And how can she not see? It's what she wants but why doesn't she realise it? It's frustrating and it doesn't need to be. I love Kaylee Ryan but I think this one is off the mark.

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