Monday, January 18, 2016

Somewhere in between, Madison Square book 1, Samantha Harris.

I finished this book in the early hours of this morning but left this entry for now because who wants a half assed entry? 

Anyway Somewhere in between is about Drew and Alex who become best friends after she pours a beer over his head at a party. As usual Drew is a womanising player and Alex is hot and stubborn. 
The story is told with dual povs, Drew in the past, Alex now which I found annoying. I hate when stories are told like this, I find it breaks up the story, especially when you just want to focus on what's happening now. You also never get a sense of what the other is feeling either then or now.
There is a ton of angst in this book and as you know, I'm not a fan.

Drew has been in love with Alex since the first party but realises she needs a friend and doesn't want to fuck that up and buries his feelings. Personally I find it hard to believe that someone who is supposed to be such a major player could hide his feelings for so long, especially for someone he spends so much time with but I suppose this is meant to represent how much he loves her that he does this, I still don't buy it.

Alex comes to the realisation after a work friend sees them together and puts the idea in her head. In a rush she spills her feelings to him, but only after making it super awkward, but, and this is what I REALLY don't get, he doesn't tell her the feelings are mutual! Now seriously, if the object of your affection for 6 long years tells you they're in love with you, wouldn't you tell them you feel the same? Well not Drew, he wants to hide the relationship and then when his brother discovers them he tells him it's just sex.

I really don't get present day Drew. Yes, at the end all is explained but I find the excuse flimsy and just a reason to create unnecessary drama and angst and that pisses me off. I'm all for torturing characters but drama for drama's sake is just stupid, there was no reason for it and makes Drew look like a tool. It's also a little confusing especially as you never get Drew's pov now.

Somewhere in between is a nice story but it ultimately pissed me off with the confusing actions, dual povs and flashbacks and unbelievable scenarios. I get the gist of the story, unrequited love, which is great but this takes it too far and for no reason. Give it a go if you like tortured characters and angst but I won't be reading it again or the rest of the series, which I assume follows the friends.

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