Friday, January 15, 2016

Play Nice and Play Dirty, The Devil's Share series, books 1 & 2, L.P. Maxa.

So I'll start with some of my favourite books and at the moment those include the devil's share series, Play Nice and Play Dirty by L.P. Maxa.
These are short novels, possibly even novellas, which is a shame coz I love these characters, the guys and their girls, who make up the band the Devil's share.

Play nice is the first in the series and focuses on Dash and Lexi. As is usually the go with these sorts of books, Dash is the good looking lead singer who's a bit of a man whore, until he meets Lexi. Without giving too much of the plot away, some things go awry for our couple but ultimately bring them together.
I love Lexi, she seems like such a cool chick, one of the guys almost and I can relate to that. She's fun and laid back but fiercely protective of the guys in the band.
Dash is a loveable puppy. Right from the get go you can tell he feels different about Lexi, despite not knowing how he is with other girls. He's not sleezy and he's respectful, unlike some other alpha males that pop up around the place.
Play nice also introduces the other members of the band; Smith, Luke and Jacks and you fall in love with all of them, except maybe Luke coz you're shipping Dexi or maybe Lash hard. You get a great feel for the band and it's nice that not everything is perfect with them, but not so fucked up that they can't function. These are a tight knit group of guys and I love how wholeheartedly they take to Lexi.

Play dirty is Smith and Dylan's story. I love that Smith is able to break down Dylan's barriers fairly quickly and that she's not afraid of his dark past and sort of present. She too fits in with the Devil's share guys but in a different capacity to Lexi. She's more girly but still tough and that's awesome. I love that she also doesn't take any shit from the guys.

What I really love about play dirty is that you're still following Dash and Lexi's story. Let's be real here, it's theirs that got you into this series in the first place so you want to know what's happening with them as it's clear their story has more to go. I hate that in some series you lose track of the original characters, but this series is truly about the band and their girls. Sure, it's not pure Dexi of course, it's Smilan as I'm going to call them, but you still get your Dexi fix.

Another thing I love about both books, is that she doesn't fuck around with the couples. Yeah ok, there are issues they have to deal with, but there are no major secrets festering and no breaking up, getting back together, betrayals and backstabbing etc etc. I hate the heartache some writers put their characters through. There is none of that here. It's not all smooth sailing but it's not tortured looks and broken hearts either.

There's only one problem with this series and that the books are too short! I never want the books to end. I think once all the books are published, Jacks is next, that they'll be a decent length combined but I just want more!

Jacks' book is up next, apparently it's with L.P's editor! So it should be live soon! There was a snippet on her Facebook page the other day but didn't give away much 😔. I hope that it continues to be a band series, I can't see it not being that way, especially with how close the guys are, but as a writer you have to go where your characters lead you. 

But seriously, if bad boy rockers are your thing, give the Devil's Share a go.

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