Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Junkie, gearshark, Cambria Hebert

So I finished Junkie a matter of minutes ago. I've been all over Cambria's Facebook page in the wake of Junkie's release and I love it, it's the most beautiful book I've read in a long time. It's not so much about a m/m romance as it is just 2 best friends falling in love, and they happen to be 2 guys. It's such a beautiful story and I totally fell for Trent, he's so sweet. 

The word that comes to mind when I think of this book is beautiful and I'm not going to get over it. I loved Trent in hashtag but getting to know him in Junkie was pretty cool. As you've learned I'm not really one for spinoffs but this was one I really liked. It was amazing to see the process of Drew and Trent coming to terms with their feelings. I thought it was explained really well and in a manner that doesn't scream 'coming out' but just figuring out feelings like everyone else, it's relatable.

I also love Joey, I think she's a great addition to the hashtag family, although I've got to admit I kept waiting for Rimmel to turn up and give advice. I also love how Romeo is portrayed in this novel, even though he has a small part, it makes me love him even more. He really is the heart of that family and I know he loves Drew and Trent. He knew, just like they all did, in fact I think he probably knew before anyone, there were hints in the last few hashtag books. 

I'm going to be honest and say I hate the cliffhanger but it's not one where you're left totally hanging because Drew handles things well, I'm just anxious for the next one! I only hate it because I'm dying to know what happens, as my first post on junkie said, I do read the last chapters early so you know I hate not knowing. I wish I could read the next book right now! But I'll wait, because I have no choice! Haha, but I'm waiting! Impatiently!

Junkie is the first m/m novel I've read and I liked it. Will I read others? Probably not. I only read this one because I knew the characters and I wanted to see what happens with them. It doesn't read as a 'gay' novel, it's just plain romance. Trent and Drew aren't 'gay' as such, they just fell in love with each other and they happen to be both be men. There's nothing more to this story than that, they fell in love and it's such a beautiful thing to read. Please don't be scared to read this book because of that, give it a go because of it. The story and feelings are beautiful and Cambria does such an amazing job in describing it. I loved it and it's going straight in as one of my favourites, give it a try!

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