Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#Junkie, gearshark 1, Cambria Hebert

I have to write this, despite only having read the prologue.
I was a bit hesitant to read this book, a m/m romance but I love Drew and I love Trent and I wanted to know what happened so I'm giving it a go. And so far it's beautiful. It is love in its purest form, just like Romeo and Rimmel in hashtag (another of my favs and I'll post about it later). I'm not disturbed by it being a m/m romance, I think it fits for Trent and Drew, you could see it coming and I think it's a natural development for their story.

I'll also tell you that I've read the last chapter, yes I'm one of those people and no I'm not sorry, and it seems like the beauty continues. I realise this book will be full of angst but I don't mind in this case, I want to see how the relationship develops.

And I want to make note of Cambria's authors note. I've read the stuff she's written in Facebook and I  agree with everything she says. How she describes the characters and the story bouncing around in her head is exactly what happens with me, it gives comfort and no, she doesn't sound weird. I told someone the other day I had to write stuff down because I was hearing voices and they freaked, but that's how my stories come to me, and I don't always know where they're going to lead me and what they're going to tell me, much like Cambria. So if the characters lead you off a cliff and under the water then that's where you gotta go, don't ever apologise for that, we have to be true to ourselves and our characters and if this is what they want, this is what they want.

I'll post more once I've finished #junkie but also know I'm pushing for another hashtag novel, or at least a novella with a Romeo/rimmel baby!

Until then, give #junkie a go and read it with me!

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